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Nickname for NCAA basketball regional semisYear when London burned in the Great Fire
Tennis player who beat Bobby Riggs in a '73 exhib.English monarch who wed 6 times
World Cup winner in 1954, 1974, 1990World War II Axis powers
Signer of the Magna Carta (1215)Quarterback, won 2 Super Bowls with Denver
Grave in which the unidentifiable remains of a soldier are interred; became common post-WWIHome to the NFL's
Chicago Bears
Former pitcher and namesake of an elbow surgery6th president of the United States
3 time losing candidate (1896, 1900, 1908)Former Man. U midfielder and Sheffield manager
Natural disaster in Texas in 1900Boxer portrayed in 1999 film by D. Washington
22nd and 24th president of the U.S.Northeastern Ohio NFL team
Former QB for Colts, Falcons, and 3 othersFirst President of the U.S.
Russian tsar from 1682-1725Nickname for former NHLer Wayne Gretzky
School of the Fighting IrishThis Gothic structure was built in the 12-14th centuries
1485 battle where King Richard III died1989 film where Kevin Costner meets the Black Sox
Prime Minister of the U.K., 1940-45 and 51-55Site of the annual Kentucky Derby
English football/soccer team with 11 FA CupsThis Middle Eastern country gained sovereignty in 1971

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