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January 4This inventor of an alphabet for the blind is born
February 11Robert Fulton patents this machine
February 12This future 16th president of the U.S. is born
February 12This future author of 'The Origin of Species' is born
February 17This Ohio university, later attended by Benjamin Harrison, is established
March 1This U.S. territory established (lasted until most of it became a state in 1818)
March 4He becomes the 4th president of the U.S.
March 4And the above replaced this 3rd president
May 19This French Emperor annexes the Papal States
June 8This author of 'Common Sense' dies
July 16This future Bolivian capital declares independence from Spain
August 10This South American country declares its independence from Spain
August 11A village in the Azores is destroyed by one of these natural disasters
October 8He becomes Austrian foreign minister
October 11This American explorer dies, possibly by suicide
November 19These 2 Western European countries fight at the Battle of Ocana

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