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Rowena Ravenclaw's _______.
Quidditch ball, ends game.
Item turned into a portkey in Book 4.
'I'm not really in trouble until I see the whites of their eyes.'
Used to Eavesdrop. (Product of WWW)
Helga Hufflepuff's ____.
Quidditch ball, scores points.
Gives light to the person that is holding it, and nobody else.
A very vicious book on Care of Magical Creatures.
Used to sort the first years at start of term.
Broomstick brand that is fairly basic.
Second largest currency.
Largest currency.
Item containing a portion of a person's soul.
Quidditch paraphernalia, used to defend against bludgers.
Used to distract people. (Product of WWW)
Broomstick brand, made Harry's first.
Dolores believes the S stands for Selwyn.
Belonged to the youngest brother.
Smallest currency.
Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs Present the:
Used to view thoughts and memories.
Broomstick that Harry receives from his godfather.
Large red eraser used to reveal invisible ink.
Belonged to the second brother.
Used to travel within the floo network.
A program used by squibs to learn/acquire magical abilities.
Enchanted ______ thet Quirrell set out to put fluffy to sleep/
Belonged to the oldest brother.
Cursed _______ embellished with opals and for sale at Borgin and Burke's.
Every wizard needs one.
Used to create darkness in a confined space. (Product of WWW)
The _______ of Tom Riddle.
Qudditch ball, two of them.
Albus's invention, in Ron's possession.
Lights up and spins when someone is doing something untrustworthy nearby.
Item to be captured in the first task.
A letter that yells at its recipient.
A ball that lets you know if you've forgotten something.
The _______ of Godric Gryffindor.

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