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1st year Charms: What spell is used to levitate objects?
2nd year Transfiguration:What spell is used to turn an animal into a water goblet?
3rd year Divination: What does a black dog represent?
4th year Quidditch: Who won the 1994 Quidditch World Cup?
5th year History of Magic: In the Formation of the International Confederation of Wizards, warlocks from which country refused to join?
6th year Apparition: What is the third D in: Destination, Determination, & ????
1st year Care of Magical Creatures: What is the best way to calm Fluffy?
2nd year Herbology: What type of root is used in curing people that have been petrified?
3rd year Defense Against the Dark Arts: What spell is used to fight off dementors?
4th year Wandlore: What type of wand does Harry have?
5th year Astronomy: Which of Jupiter's moons is covered with volcanoes?
6th year Potions: Which potion makes someone 'lucky'?

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