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CharactersShow Title
Boq, Dr. Dillamond, Madame Morrible
Jamie, Cathy
Narrator, Steward, Giantess
Shelley, Edgar, Dr. Parker
Penny, IQ, Brenda
Benny, Joanne, Alexi Darling
Enjolras, Thenardier, Gavroche
Shprintze, Bielke, Fyedka
Ado Annie, Ali Hakim, Curly
Lady Larkin, Sir Harry, Fred
Gremio, Lily, Gangster
CharactersShow Title
Woody, Og, Sharon
Miss Dorothy, Miss Flannery, Mrs. Meers
April, Robert, Amy
Lancelot, Not Dead Fred, Lady of the Lake
Mitch Mahoney, William Barfee, Leaf Coneybear
Moritz, Wendla, Melchior
Macheath, Polly, Mrs. Peachum
Sky, Pepper, Rosie
Antony, Pirelli, Fogg
Michael, Debbie, Tony

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