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cluewordadd or subtract a letter
'__ World's End' - 3rd of a famous movie series2 Letter word
Material used in roofing+1 Letter
An essential when the grocery list is long+1 Letter
What you do when I step on your foot and you say 'ouch'+1 Letter
Something to be avoided when landing on the moon+1 Letter
Someone following you may do this to your steps+1 Letter
Who you might call when you are having a party+1 Letter
Humans, dogs, cats, et. al+1 Letter
What a U.S. Marshall does to a fugitive on the run+1 Letter
cluewordadd or subtract a letter
What a person who spills ink on the floor does -1 Letter
Land formations used for farming on hills-1 Letter
What a sculptor does with clay, or a painter with watercolors-1 Letter
Informally they are 'hats' on a keyboard-1 Letter
What an onion on a cutting board might bring-1 Letter
From a Californian's point of view, New York and Miami are both this way.-1 Letter
What someone probably did before getting really bad news-1 Letter
' ___ the World Turns' - long running Soap-1 Letter

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