Warriors: Into the Wild: Characters by First Entrance

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'Enjoy the food we caught you.'63
'After tonight, this will just be another RiverClan hunting ground!'1
'You shouldn't be so near Twolegplace.'17
'Ah, a puny apprentice.'81
'Hello, youngster.'49
'So here comes the new apprentice!'53
'Lucky to become an apprentice.'34
'Just for a look.'10
'Friends, I come to you tonight to speak to you about the needs of ShadowClan.'149
'Hi! I haven't seen any of your Clan for some moons.'183
Very First QuoteCharacterPage #
'Her wounds are deep.'4
'Hi, there, kittypet!'13
'Where are you off to?'10
'How dare you hunt in our territory?'1
'Redtail is dead!'40
'I have already agreed...'151
'I've heard a lot about you.'30
'How is Mousefur?'3
'What did you say?'50

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