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'What a night.'38
'There's more in the frying pan.'2
'So long have I waited to meet you, sir...'12
'...don't fufill their requirements..half an inch,' if that...'123
'Filth! Mess and muck everywhere!'125
'You're making fun of me.'134
'Greenhouse three today!'90
'Together you and I are worth the front page!'60
'What's been going on?'24
'What do you think you're doing down there?'54
'All right, Harry?' I'm in Gryffindor, too!'96
'Quidditch Practice! Come on!'105
'She won't wake.'307
'I thought you were going to buy me a present.'50
First LineCharacterPage #
'Sit. Explain.'80
'Brilliant! Inspired! What an entrance!'84
'Third time this week!'1
'Mail's due any minute. I think Gran's sending a few things I forgot.'86
'What happened to your glasses?'55
'All right, Harry?'24
'Tie that around the bars.'25
'She's bored.'1
'Leave him alone; he didn't want all that!'61
'Beds empty! No note!'33
'Or maybe, he's waiting to hear why you two didn't arrive on the school train.'78
'Please explain why you did this.'81
'Morning, all. Lovely day.'44
'I want more bacon.'2

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