Emergency! A Mini Logic Puzzle

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Can you name the order and emergency vehicle for which each person called 911?

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Greta, Greg, and Gretchen all had to call 911 for a different emergency – a crime, needing a (P)olice car, a fire, needing a (F)ire truck, and an accident, needing an (A)mbulance – at different times in the same day. Using the following clues, can you determine which emergency vehicle, and in what order (1, 2, or 3), was sent to each person? 1. The person who called for the fire truck is female. 2. The crime was committed third. 3. Gretchen did not call about the crime. 4. Greg called 911 first.
Greta: Emergency Vehicle
Greg: Emergency Vehicle
Gretchen: Emergency Vehicle
Greta: Order
Greg: Order
Gretchen: Order

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