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Can you name the well-known places with names resembling those of cities in Texas?

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CluePlace NameTexas City
European capital city that was split by a wall during the Cold War
setting for the Drew Carey Show
California city that is home to the annual New Year's Day Rose Parade
Jesus of ________
goes well with Tobago
city at the intersection of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and/or ancient Egypt
famous for a tea party or for athletes with crimson stockings
Host city for the annual College Baseball World Series
most populous city in Kansas, also the home of Pizza Huta and White Castle
this U.S. state capital city shares a name with a rich Simpson's character
in Latin: Neapolis
flag is royal blue with a white x
second most populous city in U.S. state Pennsylvania
the only U.S. state with more NFL teams than NCAA Division 1A FBS teams
La Ville-Lumiere
the most recent Olympic host city
southwestern US city with a name meaning 'holy faith' in Spanish
Chris Christie's offices are here
Coca-Cola, CNN, and Delta Airlines have headquarters located here
Patrick Henry's 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' was said here in VA
The Beatles origin city
CluePlace NameTexas City
capital city of the world's largest country by area
Ankara is its capital
capital city of the 'Empire State'
Shakespeare's birthplace
the metropolis nearest the everglades
region (not the country) between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan
the columbine is the state flower of this U.S. state
The featured location of sketch-comedy show starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
The largest city in its state and the birthplace of Jerry Lewis, Paul Simon, and Queen Latifah
U.S. state known mostly for its sinful city
former gold mining town and now a popular Colorado ski destination
a well-known brown ale gets its name from this English city
capital of the U.S. palmetto state
near Vancouver, Canadian city named after a 19th century queen of England
College town that was home to the researchers who formulated Gatorade
Bob Marley, etc.
home of the ACC Tar Heels
city of Plato and the Parthenon
the first pizzeria in the U.S. was opened here
'that tiny pea, pretty and blue' --Neil Armstrong
home to the Ivy League school with colors black and orange

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