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Expanded the power of the Holy Roman Empire
Besieged Paris and was given the territory of Normandy as part of a treaty
As the king of Wessex, defended England from the viking Great Heathen Army
Attempted to annex the collapsing Western Roman Empire
Stopped the Muslim advance into Western Europe from Spain at the Battle of Tours
Coronated a certain king as Emperor of the Romans
United the Franks under one rule, overthrowing Roman control of Gaul
Began the dynasty that came to rule a great number of European kingdoms
Conquered the Spanish kingdom of Valencia after the Almoravids killed its Muslim ruler al-Qadir
Killed Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings
Founded the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy
Gives his name to a Salian Frankish ruling dynasty; supposedly the son of a Frankish king's wife and a sea monster
Received the territory of Central Francia from the Treaty of Verdun
Received the territory of West Francia from the Treaty of Verdun
Upon his death, his empire was split into three; these three pieces eventually became two modern European countries
Presided over the 'North Sea Empire'
Invaded and ravaged many areas of Europe, including Italy, the Balkans, and Roman Gaul
Received the territory of East Francia from the Treaty of Verdun

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