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How did Luna know Harry was disguised as Barny Weasley at Bill and Fleur's wedding?
What is the nickname that other students give Luna?
What village is Luna's house closest to?
What conspiracy does Luna believe the Aurors are involved in?
What sort of questionable earings does she wear?
What is Luna's fathers name?
Who does Luna accompany to Slughorns Christmas Party?
What year was Luna in, in the seventh book?
Where was Luna imprisoned when she was kidnapped of the Hogwarts express?
Whose death did Luna witness for her to be able to see thestrals?
What is the name of Luna's fathers magazine?
What colour were Luna's robes at Bill and Fleur's wedding?
What does Luna's patronus take the form of?
Who introduced Luna to Harry, Ron and Hermione?
What school house is Luna in?

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