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How many points does Dumbledore award Neville for standing up to his friends?
What is the name of Neville's Mother?
What is the name of Neville's Father?
What is Neville's favourite subject?
What does Peeves drop on Neville's head in his first year?
What Horcrux does Neville destroy?
What does Neville see in a boggart?
What is Neville's blood status?
What is the name of Neville's Grandmother?
Who did Neville take to the Yule Ball?
What is the name of Neville's toad?
Who was Neville Paired with in Lockhart's one and only duelling club?
What does Neville use to kill the Horcrux?
What does Neville receive as a gift that reminds you if you forget something?
Which female death eater was involved in the torturing of Neville's parents?

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