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What is Draco's relation to Nymphadora Tonks?
Who does Draco say this to, 'If brains were gold you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something.'
Where did Draco first meet Harry Potter?
Who casts a bat-bogey hex on Draco?
What organisation was Draco involved in, in his fifth year?
What potion does Slughorn give Draco 'Merely Passable' for?
Who does Draco marry?
What is Malfoy's son's name?
Who accompanied Draco to the Yule Ball?
What was Draco fixing in the room of requirement?
In the fourth book, what animal is Draco transfigured into?
What is Draco's blood status?
Who is Draco's friend who survives?
In what year was Draco, when he was made seeker for slytherin?
Who is Draco's favourite teacher?

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