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What does Hermione's Patronus take the form of?
What is the first name of Hermione and Ron's son?
What does Hermione's support group 'S.P.E.W' stand for?
What is Hermione's blood status?
Who is the only teacher that Hermione didn't like in her third year?
Who does Hermione go to the Yule Ball with?
Where does Hermione send her parents for their safety from Voldemort?
What does Hermione use to get to all of her classes in her third year?
What is the first name of Hermione and Ron's daughter?
What does Grawp call Hermione?
Who does Hermione become when the trio use polyjuice potion to break into the ministry?
Who tells Hermione that she should have been put in Ravenclaw for her brains and keen mind?
What is the first spell Hermione performs in front of Harry and Ron?
What is the occupation of Hermione's parents?
What is the name of Hermione's cat?

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