Gods killed in G.O.W.

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Can you name the Gods killed in G.O.W.?

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King of the GodsMain villain in second and third games
DemigodKilled the Minotaur
Titan of DestructionFought with God of the Sun
Sister of FateFinal one encountered
God of the UnderworldControls the realm named after him
God of DeathSecond of two bird-like bosses
Smith GodCreated Pandora's Box
Messenger of the GodsSon of first Messenger
Titan chained to TyphonWillingly sacrificed
Sister of FateSecond one encountered
Ghost of SpartaMain character
Messenger of the GodsBraggart and coward
Demigod slightly???
DemigodKilled the Nemean Lion
Sister of FateFirst one encountered
Goddess of PainFirst of two bird-like bosses
God of WarMain villain of first game
DemigodKilled Medusa
Goddess of MarriageWas used for the Gardens
God of the SeaControls the Leviathan
God of the SunLost his head
Demigod supposedly???
Titan of EarthNarrator
Titan of TimeCarried Pandora's Temple
Goddess of the UnderworldWife of Hades
Goddess of WarMain female character
Ferryman of the DeadFerryman of the Dead

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