40 Dexter Characters (First Names)

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Last NameFirst NameCLUE
Manzon(Santa Muerte killings Cop)
Gianna(Me and Batista had a fling of sorts)
Tournay(Killed Doakes)
Moser(Dexter's brother)
Batista(I married LaGuerta)
Morgan(I have a Dark Passenger)
Bennett(Died in jail)
Figg(Worked downstairs with case files)
Pierce(I was number 13)
Pascal(Briefly Lieutenant)
Chase(TAKE IT!)
Brandon(A Bennett's mother)
Quinn(Deb's Partner)
Liddy(Crooked Cop)
Hill(Reporter/Forgotten Daughter)
Amado(Internal Affairs)
Wolf(Defence Lawyer)
Morgan(Baby boy)
Masuka(Sexually perverted lab geek)
Last NameFirst NameCLUE
Doakes(Blown up in a cabin)
Prado(Crazy Brother of Prosecutor)
Orozco(Prosecutor hired me to kill Dex)
Mitchell(My husband is the Trinity Killer)
Morgan(Use my code)
Lundy(FBI Agent)
Mitchell(Trinity Killer's son)
Morgan(Married to Code creator)
Moser(Murdered with chainsaw)
Mitchell(I am the Trinity Killer)
Morgan(I once was a Bennett)
Driscoll(I am the biological father)
Morgan(Engaged to Ice Truck Killer)
Mitchell(My father is the Trinity Killer)
Prado(Prosecutor's Wife)

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