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LyricsMissing WordSong
cause I can tell you right now that you'll never find the _____ on meThat's The Truth
Anne Boleyn she kept a tin which all her hopes and ____ were inTransylvania
you don't have to be _____, baby if you wanna be my girlSmile
everyone asks me, who the ____ is she?Five Colours In Her Hair
I wish I could bubblewrap my _____ incase I fall and break apartBubblewrap
coconut ____ and coffee coloured thighsLittle Joanna
cause your words are like ______ and I'm the way your weapons aimLies
the fairytale got twisted and _____Corrupted
when I fell in love with _____Star Girl
baby's coming back so I'm on my ____ behaviourBaby's Coming Back
LyricsMissing WordSong
and make it through the ____ storm and bad weatherShine A Light
Mrs Halloween is drinking at the bar again in ___ ____Ultraviolet
we are the _______, can't keep us undergroundWe Are The Young
one bed is broken, next room is _____Room On The 3rd Floor
from her venemous lips and her ____ perfumeParty Girl
some people ____, some people dieThe Heart Never Lies
I hope I don't ____, the things that I said nowMet This Girl
but how can I win she keeps ______ me inObviously
I've got nowhere left to run, I've got nowhere left to ___Nowhere Left To Run
cause she's so fine, that girl's been __ __ ____iF U C Kate

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