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SpeciesCommon NameCommon Habitat
Gallus gallusdomestic
Canis lupusforest
Equus ferusdomestic
Bos taurusdomestic
Felis catusdomestic
Carassius auratusdomestic
Rattus rattuseverywhere
Ovis ariesdomestic
Capra aegagrusdomestic, a poor mans Ovis aries
SpeciesCommon NameCommon Habitat
Ornithorhynchus anatinusAustralia endemic, rivers
Ursus maritimusCold
Vulpes vulpesincreasingly urban
Macropus rufusAustralia, scrub, grasslands and desert
Carcharodon carchariasmost temperate to tropic coastal waters
Panthera pardusAsia, woodlands
Varanus komodoensisIndonesia endemic
Ailuropoda melanoleucaChina endemic
Loxodonta africanaAfrican savannah

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