Word Ladder: House Stark

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Can you name the four letter words in this Stark-themed ladder?

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¤ Stark child nicknamed 'Horseface' ¤1
Length x width for a rectangle2
Greek god of war3
French word for 'very'4
Co-creator of 'South Park' Parker5
Used by a server to carry orders6
Sound effect of a donkey7
¤ Stark child who was crippled ¤8
Whiny child9
Water transportation10
Sturdy footwear11
Black powder created during combustion12
¤ Bastard's name for Northerners; Jon ¤14
Lack of speed15
To make or prepare; as in beer18
Became larger19
¤ With Rung 45; [Rung 38]'s direwolf ¤20
¤ Lord who hosted the Red Wedding ¤21
A battle or skirmish22
Organization of male students23
Great accomplishment24
Bell-shaped fruit26
Top of a mountain27
A quarter of a bushel28
Fill a suitcase29
To be without30
¤ Sansa Stark's direwolf ¤32
To load as on a cargo ship33
Narrow pathway34
The lower part of an ear36
Gown or dress37
¤ Stark child name 'King in the North' ¤38
US salad including bacon, hard-boiled egg, and chicken39
Sections of corn40
Barker, Saget, and Dylan41
Cloths placed around the neck to avoid stains42
Trash cans in the UK43
To fasten or secure44
¤ With Rung 20; [Rung 38]'s direwolf ¤45

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