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Can you name the answers to these challenges presented by using the lyrics to Ian Hunter's 'Cleveland Rocks'?

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What comes after 'three'?
Where is all the energy calling me?
What kind of additude is back where it belongs?
Where did all the kids who go 'Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland rocks' grow up?
What does Cleveland do?
Why does mama know, but don't care?
Name mama's worry #1
Worry #2
Worry #3
what color lipstick do the chicks who go, 'Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks' wear?
With what is she living in sin?
Again. What does Cleveland do?
From what time period do 'I' got some records from?
Who do 'I' play records just like?
Why do I do this?
Again, What does cleveland do?
What state is Clevleand in?
BOUNS: Who is the greatest football team ever?

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