Imperishable Night Spell Cards

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CardMissing WordUser
Leading _____ 'Omoikane's Device'Eirin
'_____ Danmaku Bounded Field -Phantasm, Foam, and Shadow'Yukari
Hawk Sign 'Ill-Starred _____'Mystia
'Deflation _____'Sakuya
'_____-Ocean of Hourai'Kaguya
'_____ Shooting'Mokou
Night Sparrow 'Midnight _____ Master'Mystia
_____ Space 'Asteroid BeltMarisa
Ending Sign 'Phantasmal _____'Keine
'Heaven _____ Butterfly-Capturing Web'Eirin
'Hourai _____'Mokou
Land Sign 'Three _____ Treasures - Orb'Keine
'_____ Red Eyes'Reisen
'Blind _____'Mystia
_____ 'Final Master Spark'Marisa
_____ of Imperishable Night -Rising World-Kaguya
Esoterica 'Astronomical _____'Eirin
_____ Sign 'Ephemerality 137Keine
Impossible Request '_____ Stone Bowl -Indomitable Will''Kaguya
Future '_____ History'Ex-Keine
'_____ Rebirth'Mokou
Toxin Sign 'Poisonous Moth _____'Mystia
Firefly Sign '_____ on Earth'Wriggle
'Emperor of the _____'Keine
God Sign '_____ of the Sky-Born'Eirin
Impossible Request 'Hourai Barrage -_____ Danmaku-'Kaguya
Vocal Sign '_____ in the Night'Mystia
Wave Sign 'Mind _____'Reisen
CardMissing WordUser
Lamp Sign '_____ Phenomenon'Wriggle
_____ 'Old History'Ex-Keine
'The _____ of the Grand Guignol'Alice
Deathless 'Xu Fu's _____'Mokou
'Fantasy _____'Reimu
Loving _____ 'Double Spark'Marisa
'Paschal Moon-Reflecting Satellite _____'Youmu
Lunar Eyes 'Tele-_____'Reisen
Light Sign 'Earth Light _____'Marisa
Reincarnation 'Returning-_____ Ichijio'Ex-Keine
'_____ Star'Marisa
_____ Bug 'Hermit of an Endless Night'Wriggle
'Total _____'Ex-Keine
_____ Sign 'Invisible Full Moon'Reisen
'Saigyouji _____ Nirvana'Yuyuko
'Scarlet _____'Remilia
Wriggle Sign 'Nightbug _____'Wriggle
Lunatic Gaze '_____ Seeker'Reisen
Ambition Sign 'Masakado _____'Keine
Forbidden Arcanum '_____ Elixir'Eirin
Spirit Sign 'Fantasy Seal - _____'Reimu
Divine Treasure 'Salamander _____'Kaguya
_____ 'Phoenix's Tail'Mokou
Border World 'Hakurei _____ Bounded Field'Reimu
Dream Sign '_____ Barrier'Reimu
'_____ Duper'Tewi
'_____ Butterfly Storm'Wriggle
Dream Sign 'Evil-_____ Circle'Reimu

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