All Fire Emblem 6 Characters

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Chapter 1Ally- Lord
Chapter 1Ally- Paladin
Chapter 1Ally- Cavalier
Chapter 1Ally- Cavalier
Chapter 1Ally- Archer
Chapter 1Ally- Knight
Chapter 1Boss- Fighter
Chapter 1NPC- Paladin
Chapter 2Ally- Transporter
Chapter 2Ally- Sister
Chapter 2Ally- Mercenary
Chapter 2Ally- Pegasus Knight
Chapter 2Ally- Fighter
Chapter 2Ally- Fighter
Chapter 2Boss- Knight
Chapter 2NPC- Sage
Chapter 3NPC- General
Chapter 3Ally- Thief
Chapter 3Ally- Mage
Chapter 3Boss- Knight
Chapter 4Ally- Troubadour
Chapter 4Ally- Myrmidon
Chapter 4Boss- Cavalier
Chapter 5Boss- Brigand
Chapter 6Ally- Priest
Chapter 6Ally- Archer
Chapter 6Ally- Nomad
Chapter 6Boss- Shaman
Chapter 7Ally- Paladin
Chapter 7Ally- Cavalier
Chapter 7Ally- Cavalier
Chapter 7Boss- Knight
Chapter 8Ally- Mage
Chapter 8Ally- Thief
Chapter 8Ally- Knight
Chapter 8Ally- Knight
Chapter 8Ally- Mercenary
Chapter 8Boss- General
Chapter 8XBoss- Hero
Chapter 9Ally- Myrmidon
Chapter 9Ally- Nomad
Chapter 9Boss- Berserker
Chapter 10A/10BAlly- Brigand
Chapter 10A/11BAlly- Pirate
Chapter 11A/10BAlly- Sniper
Chapter 11A/10BAlly- Pegasus Knight
Chapter 10ABoss- Shaman
Chapter 10BEnemy- Brigand
Chapter 10BNPC- Villager
Chapter 10BNPC- Villager
Chapter 10BBoss- General
Chapter 11AAlly- Dancer
Chapter 11BAlly- Bard
Chapter 11AAlly- Hero
Chapter 11BAlly- Warrior
Chapter 11ABoss- Bishop
Chapter 11BBoss- General
Chapter 12Ally- Shaman
Chapter 12Ally- Thief
Chapter 12Boss- Mamkute
Chapter 12XBoss- Berserker
Chapter 13Ally- Wyvern Knight
Chapter 13/15Ally- Paladin
Chapter 13Boss- Wyvern Lord
Chapter 14Ally- Valkyrie
Chapter 14Ally- Shaman
Chapter 14Enemy- Berserker
Chapter 14Enemy- Berserker
Chapter 14Boss- Hero
Chapter 14XBoss- Sage
Chapter 15Ally- Sniper
Chapter 15Ally- Berserker
Chapter 15Boss- Paladin
Chapter 15Ally- Mamkute
Chapter 16Ally- Mage
Chapter 16Ally- Wyvern Knight
Chapter 16Boss- Wyvern Lord
Chapter 16NPC- King
Chapter 16XAlly- General
Chapter 16XBoss- Bishop
Chapter 17A/17BBoss- Paladin
Chapter 18ABoss- Nomad Trooper
Chapter 18BBoss- Bishop
Chapter 19ABoss- Swordmaster
Chapter 19BBoss- Falcon Knight
Chapter 20A/19BAlly- Druid
Chapter 20AAlly- Nomad Trooper
Chapter 20BAlly- Falcon Knight
Chapter 20A/20BBoss- General
Chapter 20A/20AXBoss- Nomad Trooper
Chapter 20AXBoss- Nomad Trooper
Chapter 20AXBoss- Nomad Trooper
Chapter 20AXBoss- Druid
Chapter 20AXBoss- Druid
Chapter 20AXBoss- Druid
Chapter 20BXBoss- General
Chapter 21Ally- Bishop
Chapter 21Enemy- Wyvern Lord
Chapter 21Boss- General
Chapter 21XBoss- Druid
Chapter 22Boss- King
Chapter 23Ally- Swordmaster
Chapter 23Boss- Sage
Chapter 24Boss- Mamkute
Final ChapterBoss- Dark Dragon

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