Tracks that have hosted the IndyCar Series

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Can you name the Tracks that have hosted the Verizon IndyCar Series ?

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Years runTrackType of track
1996-present2.5 mile Oval
2011-20132.1 mile Street Circuit
1998-20011.5 mile Oval
2002-2005, 2012-20152.0 mile Oval
2007-present0.875 mile Oval
2010-present2.38 mile Road Course
2001-20101.5 mile Oval
1997-19991.5 mile Oval
2001-20101.5 mile Oval
2008-20122.256 mile Temporary Circuit
2007-2008, 2012-present2.07 mile Street Circuit
1998-19991.0 mile Oval
2000-20111.5 mile Oval
2009-present1.968 mile Street Circuit
1996-2000, 20111.5 mile Oval
2007-present2.4 mile Road Course
2001-20031.25 mile Oval
2001-20101.5 mile Oval
2002-20072.0 mile Oval
2001-20081.333 mile Concrete Oval
2002-20040.946 mile Oval
Years runTrackType of track
1996-20051.0 mile Oval
1997-20051.0 mile Oval
2001-20090.75 mile Oval
2004-2009, 2011-present1.0 mile Oval
2003-20111.5 mile Oval/2.983 mile Road Course
2010-20132.536 mile Street Circuit
2005-present1.8 mile Street Circuit
2008*2.77 mile Street Circuit
1996-20001.0 mile Oval
2005-20103.40 mile Road Course
1996-1998, 20111.0 mile Oval
2005-present2.303 mile Road Course
2009-present1.721 mile Street Course
1997-present1.5 mile Oval
2013-present2.5 mile Oval
2013-20141.6 mile Street Circuit
2014-present2.4 mile Roval
2016-present4.048 mile Road Course
2016-present2.25 mile Street Circuit
2015-present2.74 mile Road Course

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