Presidents before they were Presidents

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Can you name the Presidents before they were Presidents?

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One of their Prior JobsPresidentFirst Vice President
Governor of New JerseyThomas R. Marshall
JournalistLevi P. Morton
LawyerGeorge Clinton
Movie ActorGeorge H.W. Bush
SheriffThomas A. Hendrix
SoldierDaniel D. Tompkins
Governor of New YorkCharles W. Fairbanks
U.S. Secretary of WarJames S. Sherman
LawyerSpiro Agnew
LawyerNelson Rockefeller
Senator from OhioCalvin Coolidge
Tariff CollecterNone.
ProfessorJohn C. Calhoun
EngineerCharles Curtis
GeneralSchuyler Colfax
SoldierMillard Filmore
Governor of New YorkJohn N. Garner
LawyerCharles G. Dawes
Civil Rights LawyerJoe Biden
Governer of New YorkRichard Mentor Johnson
Senator from New HampshireWilliam R. King
One of their Prior JobsPresidentFirst Vice President
PostmasterHanibal Hamlin
Senator From MassachusettsLydon B. Johnson
GeneralJohn C. Calhoun
School TeacherChester A. Arthur
U.S. Senator from OhioJohn Tyler
Governor of OhioGarret Hobart
GeneralJohn Adams
Comander of the Allied Forces in EuropeRichard Nixon
Peanut FarmerWalter Mondale
ArchitechtAaron Burr
LawyerJohn C. Breckinridge
Senator from TexasHubert Humphrey
Director of the CIADan Quayle
Governor of OhioWiliam A. Wheeler
Sport team ownerDick Chenny
LawyerThomas Jefferson
Governor of TennesseeGeore M. Dallas
HaberdasherAlben W. Barkley
Governor of ArkansasAl Gore

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