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to surpass in quality
causing grief
quality of being dark, not transperant
ressembling a palace
short punctuates
uncivillized, wild, savage
knowledge gained through stories
to estimate the amount of
capable of being recieved by touch
lazy, slow to develop
very stubbornly
to contaminate morally
dissatisfaction from lack of excitement
armed enemy'
yellowish, sicklly color
malicous triumphant, to make a face at
percieved by the senses
extreme pain or sorrow
moral doubt, moral principles
amusing in an odd way'
person who views things the way they actually are
kind of like tangible but not really
struggle or to stagger helplessly
to detect with eyes or to detect with senses other than vision
a drug containing opium
grotesquely carved creature
exuberent physical strength
citizen of the world, civilized
game killed in a hunt
disagreably damp
to forgive
when a meal is eaten
desirable features of ability
full of enthusiasm
roof of mouth,ability of tasting taste
someone who wields a russian whip and flogs people
to tear jaggedly usually with a weapon
showing concern
having to do with a baron
overwhelming defeat
uneasy or fearfull about something
showing warmth/pleasent behavior

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