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giving life like qualities to non living things
using a small portion of something to evoke something bigger. ex) lend me your ears
A foot of three syllables with the first syllable stressed. ex.) FING-er-nail
the use of 2 words or phrases, usually with opposite meanings to create a single idea: ex.) joyful misery, thats wicked good
A foot of three syllables, with final syllable stessed. ex) un-der-STAND
the accidental inversion of begining sounds of words to create an unexpected meaning. ex) if you dont study, youll have Tasted the whole Worm
a set of nine iambic pentameter lines with the rhyme scheme ababbcbcc
connection of words via randomly repeating vowel sounds ex.) cows in lousy blouses browsing cauliflowers
a rhyme involving more than 1 final syllable ex.) fearing earing
giving human qualities to non human things
a linked arrangement of iambic pentameter lines in tercets where the middle of the first tercet becomes the outer layers of the next one. aba bcb cdc
poem consistiing of 5 lines. line 1 2 5 are anapestic trimeter, lines 3 4 are anapestic dimeter
language consciously chosen to make something big sound small
the reliance of one word or phrase to carry more than 1 meaning at once. ex)that spook dosnt stand a GHOST OF A CHANCE around here
connection of words via randomly repeating consonant sounds. ex.) cruddy undignified dogs
poem of 14 iambic pentameter lines. 2 forms=english and italian
a set 4 iambic lines with lines1 3 tetrameter and lines 2 4 trimeter. the rhythme scheme isabcb
an implied comparison. ex.) books are staples of the academic diet
a story that depends on the interaction of symbols
connection of words by repeating their beginiing sounds ex.) big bad bumbling bears
the accidental substitution of a word, when another word is clearly intended
use of something relatively concrete (visualizable,audible,tangible) too represent something relatively abstract
a through-composed poem consisting of eight lines. Lines 1,2,3,5,6,7 dactylic dimeter: with one line onomatopeotic word
a disyllabic foot with the second syllable stressed the FOOT
A dysyllabic foot with the first syllable stressed ex.) PEO-ple
a rhyme involving 1 final syllabe ex.) green bean
a directly stated comparison. (using like, as, etc) ex.)A smile is like a ray of sunshine
6 lines following the same metrical plan in which all lines rhyme
any combination of english and italian sonnet elements
eight lines following the same metrical plan in which all lines rhyme. traditional rhyme scheme-abbaabba
mocking speech relying on irony.
4 lines following the same metrical plan in which the last line is customarily rhymed with one of its 3 predecessors
Three lines following the same metrical plan that use the rhyme scheme a,b,a

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