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Drawing the edges of figures or objects is called?
2 Words 
Contour drawing is more concerned with what?
2 Words that start with S 
When you are drawing a the contours of an object and not looking at your paper as you go along you are drawing a what?
2 Words 
A( ) line runs across the form or around it to show its volume or to give it depth.
2 Words 
What is the lightness or darkness of a color?
1 Word 
What's another word for 'color'?
1 Word 
What are the primary colors?
3 Colors 
What are the warm colors?
3 Colors 
Who is the most famous artist for Surrealism?
Not your average name. 
What color do you add to make a tint?
What color do you add to make a shade?
What is a setup of inanimate objects?
2 Words 

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