How i met your mother season 5 part 2

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Can you name the How i met your mother season 5 part 2?

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Jenkins: Who has got the higgest score on ski ball
Perfect Week: What is the name of the girl with the funny name in Ted's class
Rabbit or Duck: What does Robin say about Don at the end of this episode
Hooked: What does Lily call Scooter
Of Course: Finish this book title Of Course your.....
Say Cheese: What is Lily's Favourite Cake
Zoo or False Where did Lily caught Marshall eating pizza once
Home Wreckers: Drunk or.....
Twin Beds: What did Barney Draw On His Letter
Robot Vs Wrestlers: What Kind of Food does Marshall Want
The Wedding Bride: What is Jed Mosely's Catchphrase
Dopplegangers: What age Does Barney Say is when you should have a baby

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