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A: a word Barney always uses
B: Ted and Marshal had them in college
C: One of Marshall's Slides
D: Look Alikes
E: The thing Marshall cares about
F: When you hear this you've gone to far
G: Robin Doesn't believe in them
H: One of Barney's Rules
I: What the group does alot
J: When someone is mean Lily has her own form of
K: Lily is one
L: Barney's Fake Name
M: Lily and Marshall didn't have much of this because Lily had a secret
N: What Does Teds Mother Always Say
O: Name the Episode That Guest Stars Jennifer Lopez
P: Where's The .......
Q: Barney's Suits are
R: What does Chloe call Robin
S: What can Robin handle according to Barney
T: What do you get if you have a Threesome
U: Older Ted says that there is a short version to this story about the Mum's Yellow What
V: Where Marshall and Lily got Married
W: Did you ever do this back in Japan ......
X: When Ted turned 30 he Wanted to give this to Barney
Y: How does Barney like his Women
Z: The girl who wants to save the Arcadian

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