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A: What is The name of the Creepy Pedophile that use to live on the street
B: The Colour Bree Wanted her Living room Painted
C: The person who killed Nora
D: Katherine's ex husbans last name
E: Girl strangled at coffee house
F: What did Felicia cut off to frame Paul
G: Ida's Last name
H: Where did Teresa Pruitt work
I: What Did Mary Alice's Threat note say
J: Andrew's first Boyfriend
K: Nora's Daughter
L: Katherine is one
M: Whacked by a Plane
N: Tom's One Night Stand
O: Bree's Second Husband
P: The name of the baby Lynette had at the end of season six
Q: The name Dana was on this
R: Lynette fell for this guy
S: The name of the Tornado episode
T: The Actress who plays Susan
U: Martha Huber was Buried there
V: Carlos Lost this
W: Lynette placed these in front of Bree's House
X: She carried Gaby's Baby
Y: Mary Alice's Last Name
Z: Gaby Superglued this to Suduce Carlos

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