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Pilot: Where introduced to the main character named ....
Into the Great Wide Open: What is the name of Jules new boyfriend
Don't do me Like That: How many dates does Jules have before having sex
I Wont Back Down: Jules tells Grayson that is Ex Wife is.....
You Wreck Me: Who breaks Bobby's golf record
A Woman in Love (its not me): Jules is horrible at ....
Don't Come Around Here no More: How much money Does Grayson bet Jules cant spend one Whole day Alone
Two Gunslingers: How old does Jules turn in this episode
Here Comes my Girl: Jules tries to hide Kylie's ....... so she wont leave
Mystery Man: What is the name of the man who keeps looking at the same house over and over again
Rhino Skin: Who guest stars as Dr Amy Evans in this episode
Scare Easy: Who does Grayson have sex with at the end of the episode
Stop Dragging my Heart Around: Who Does Jules turn to after her Break up with Jeff
All the Wrong Reasons: Laurie asks Travis to be her what
When a Kid Goes Bad: What Holiday is it in this episode
What are you Doin in my Life: Bobby gets ...... by a Woman
Counting on You: Travis joins Bobby to do something that he calls
Turn This Car Around: Jules tries to give up ..... for a month
Everything Man: Finish the line, Never press the ....
Wake Up Time: Why does Kylie Break up with Travis
Letting You Go: Travis gets Accepted to 2 Different Colleges, one is only 20 Minutes away the other one is Where?
Feeling a Whole lot Better: Jules and Grayson Consider Doing What
Breakdown: What does Ellie wear at Travis's Graduation
Finding Out: Kylie is Angry with Travis Because he Forgot Their........

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