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Can you name the vaccine, virus, bacteria, or immunosuppressant??

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Inhibits cyclosporine by binding FKBP
Anti-CD20 chimeric monoclonal antibody
Inhibits calcineurin and prevents NFAT migration to the nucleus by binding cyclophilin
Expresses sialic acid which inhibits C3 and C5 convertases
Humanized mAb
Synthesizes modified LPS that resists peptide antibiotics
Lowers pyrimidine nucleotide levels
M protein blocks C3 binding to organism and C3b binding to complement receptors
Fusion protein on macrophages upregulated in mycobacterial infection that cuases formation of giant cells
Expresses NK inhibitor factor and blocks killing by NK cells
Lose depot and stranger signals/adjuvant effect in this type of vaccine
Tx of methotrexate toxicity
Inhibits IMP dehydrogenase, lowers dGTP levels
Metabolite of cyclophosphamide that has a toxicity damaging bladder mucosa
When producing monoclonal antibodies, the fusion partner is a tumor B cell lacking what enzyme?
Recombinant fully human TNF-a receptor mAb that has ligand-binding portion fused to IgG
Virus that inhibits proteasomal activity, produces IL-10, inhibits macrophage and DC activation
Human antibody
Virus that inhibits proteasomal activity and removes class I MHC molecules from the ER
Mouse mAb
X-linked proliferative syndrome results in EBV and lymphomas due to lack of this signaling protein
Anti-TNF with chimeric receptor
Virus that inhibits antigen presentation by interfering with TAP transporter
Microbe that moves from cell to cell without going extracellular
Inhibits purine synthesis
Fungus that escapes phagolysosomes and resides in the cytoplasm of a macrophage
Produces catalase, resisting ROS in phagocytes
Capsular polysaccharide inhibits phagocytosis
Tx of acrolein toxicity
Alkylating agent that crosslinks DNA-DNA and DNA-protein, blocking DNA replication and inducing cell death
Immunosuppressant that inhibits T-independent B cell activation
Monoclonal antibody indicated for B lymphomas
Microbe that crosses the placenta and can cause meningitis in newborns
Virus that blocks effector cell activation and produces soluble IL-1 or IFN-y receptors
SAP protein in XLP cannot bind this molecule
Inhibits DHFR, lowers purine levels
Microbe that inhibits phagolysosome fusion
Chimeric mAb
Inhibits mTOR and prevents T cells from making proteins for proliferation
Inhibits IL-10 synthesis, good for tx EBV
Fully human monoclonal antibody against TNF
Chimeric anti-TNF monoclonal antibody
Flu vaccine that should not be given to children under the age of 8 except in certain circumstances

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