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Artery affected in stroke causing contralateral paralysis and loss of sensation to lower limb and face
Biceps reflex nerve root
Area of lesion in re-emergence of primitive reflexes
Most common site of berry aneurysms
Common site of a berry aneurysm causing CNIII palsy
Area of lesion in spatial neglect syndrome
Decreased CSF absorption by arachnoid villi leading to increased ICP, papilledema, herniation
Location of 5-HT synthesis
Artery affected in stroke causing contralateral hemiparesis and hemiplegia
Where does the spinothalamic tract decussate?
Parkinson's disease results in the loss of dopaminergic neurons from what nucleus?
Lumbar puncture usually performed at level of
Location of norepinephrine synthesis
Muscle that opens jaw
Hemballismus is characteristic of contralateral lesion of what nucleus?
Nerve that monitors aortic arch chemo/baroreceptors
Output nerves of cerebellum
Nerve for taste from posterior 1/3 of tongue
Artery affected in stroke causing decreased taste from anterior 2/3 of tongue + ipsilateral Horner's syndrome
Thalamic nucleus that relays pain/temperature, pressure, touch, vibration, and proprioception information
Dermatome at the kneecap
Sensory receptor responsible for position sense and dynamic fine touch
Increased CSF in the setting of atrophy
Action of ciliary muscle in distant vision
Location of highest concentration of Na+ channels
Vagal nucleus responsible for motor innervation of pharynx, larynx, upper esophagus
Area of lesion in comatose state
Artery affected in stroke causing tongue deviating ipsilaterally
Auditory center in the brain stem
Nerve that monitors carotid body and sinus chemo/baroreceptors
Sensory receptor responsible for vibration and pressure
Inflammatory infiltrate in Guillain-Barre syndrome
Sensory receptor responsible for position sense and static touch
In the basal ganglia, what stimulates the GPi to inhibit the thalamus?
Area of lesion in anterograde amnesia
Horner's syndrome is associated w/ lesion above what spinal cord level?
Cell that myelinates multiple CNS axons
'Floppy baby' presents at birth w/ tongue fasciculations
Nerve damage with eyes directed medially
Location of ACh synthesis
Astrocyte cell marker
Neurotransmitter decreased in anxiety and Huntington's disease
'Fried eggs' on H&E staining
Embryonic origin of Schwann cells
Area of lesion in which eyes look away from lesion
Artery affected in stroke causing hoarseness and dysphagia
What are Lewy bodies composed of?
Cell that myelinates one PNS axon
Dorsal columns nucleus synapse for lower body and extremities
In the basal ganglia, what inhibits the thalamus to decrease movement?
Nerve to lateral rectus muscle
Provides stimulatory feedback to contralateral cortex to module movement
Schwannoma affecting CNVIII
Thalamic nucleus that receives auditory information
Tx of tremors
Paralysis of conjugate vertical gaze
Nerve damaged when eye drifts upward and causes vertical diplopia
Rupture of bridging veins
Area of lesion in truncal ataxia
Where does the dorsal column tract decussate?
Location of GABA synthesis
Achilles reflex nerve root
Nerve to levator palpebrae muscle
Nonfluent aphasia w/ intact comprehension
Artery affected in stroke causing contralateral hemianopsia w/ macular sparing
Lesion in superior colliculi results in paralysis of
Artery affected in stroke causing contralateral paralysis and loss of sensation to upper limb and face
Pathway of brain stem + vertebral arteries
Dermatome at the nipple
Pathway of CNV3
Enzyme defect in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Dermatome at the umbilicus
Nerve damaged when eye looks down and out
Site in hypothalamus that makes oxytocin
Neurotransmitter increased in schizophrenia
Drug contraindicated in closed angle glaucoma
Dorsal columns nucleus synapse for upper body and extremities
Conjugate vertical gaze center
Area of lesion in Kluver-Bucy syndrome
Thalamic nucleus that relays face sensation and taste information
Atrophy of strial nuclei + hydrocephalus ex vacuo
Cells destroyed in Guillian-Barre syndrome
Where does the lateral corticospinal tract decussate
Cells destroyed in multiple sclerosis
Dermatome at inguinal ligament
Site in hypothalamus that makes ADH
Thalamic nucleus that relays vision to the calcarine sulcus
Pathway of CNV2
Layer of peripheral nerve that must be rejoined in microsurgery for limb reattachment
Innervation of muscles of mastication
Regulation of cerebral perfusion normally driven by
Vagal nucleus of visceral sensation
Fluent aphasia w/ impaired comprehension
Neurotransmitter decreased in Parkinson's disease and depression
Pathway of middle meningeal artery
Drug that aids delivery of chemo to brain tumors by transiently unraveling the BBB
Reversible cause of dementia in the elderly
Area of lesion in Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
Medial cerebellum injured, which side will patient fall?
Pathway of CNXII
Action of ciliary muscle in near vision
Cell responsible for physical support, K+ metabolism, maintaining BBB
Child presents w/ staggering gate + pes cavus + kyphoscoliosis
In the excitatory pathway of the basal ganglia, what disinhibits the thalamus via the GPi/substantia nigra?
What connects Broca's and Wernicke's areas?

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