Fastest Land Animals

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Can almost outrun his spots.
The very fastest of fast food.
Who says the fat can't run?
Its a shame he has to run and mess up his hair.
Ah, my favorite ballet. No, wait....
3 will get you 2 mine can beat yours.
Look at the rack on that guy!
Have a couple of Kibbles and chill, speedy.
Fast? Really? Two words: Beep, Beep!
Lots of the one's I've chased have been fast too.
This guy's speed is nothing to laugh about .
I'm definitely not referring to NFL referees here.
I thought they were talking about a Mongolian porn site.
Mechanical rabbits? Fast, maybe. Smart, not so much.
I thought they just caught frisbees?
Harry Angstrom's way too old to be on this list.
Well which is it, buddy? Make up your mind....
Why do you need to be fast to eat dead stuff?
Sure, I'd be fast too if I could fly.
Big deal! He takes ten steps and he's travelled a mile.

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