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ProblemAnswerMath Concept(s)
5-6Integer Rules and Subtraction
8(7+5)Distributive Property, Multiplication, Order of Operations, and Addition
6 squaredMultiplication and Squares
Is it a right triangle if its sides are 3, 4, and 5 inches long?Pythagoran Theorem, Squares, and Square Roots
1/2 divided by 1/5Division, Fractions
6k+8=56Solving Two Step Equations, Variables, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
P(5, 2)Permutations, Multiplicaton
4!Factorial, Multiplication
C(4,3)Combinations, Multiplication, Division, Factorial
ProblemAnswerMath Concept(s)
put 56/63Simplest Form, Fractions
Is pi a rational or irrational number?Irrational Numbers, Types of Numbers
|5|-|4|Absolut Value, Subtraction
put 1|2 as a decimalDecimals, Fractions, Converting Fractions to Decimals, Division
What is the area of a square whose sides are all 12 meters long?Multiplication, Squares, Area of Squares, Geometry
5 cubedExponents, Multiplication
What are the square roots of 169?Square Roots, Squares, Integer Rules, Multiplication
What is the area of a circle if its radius is 4 miles?Area of a Circle, Pi, Multiplication, Squares
Give the standard form of 3x10 to the 2 power.Scientific Notation

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