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InfromationBody Parts
________s communicate within the body.
large and small_________
The_____never stops beating.
The ___________is what hormones use to get around the body.
The _____ stores energy for the future.
The _______ turns food into chyme.
The _______ is called the funny bone.
______s connect muscles to bones.
________s connect one bone to another.
_____s and ___s are needed to make a baby.
______s are the living cell in babies.
The _____ is the longest bone in the body.
InfromationBody Parts
The ___ helps us see.
_____ is inside our nostrils.
____s help us breathe.
The____ helps us smell.
Thanks to _____, we can chew.
We can touch using our ____s.
The ________ leads food down to the stomach.
___s help us hear.
______ s help us bend our arm.
____ ____s can change into anything!
_____ is being pumped through the body.

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