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Blue stars are hotter than red stars
Erosion changes the Moon's surface dramatically from week to week
Massive blue stars use up their fuel supply much faster than other stars do
All maria were caused by the impact of meteorites landing on the moon
Even though Earth is larger than the Moon, fewer meteorites fly toward Earth than the Moon
The Moon experiences severe storms
Stars give off light as part of a nuclear fission reaction in which helium atoms are split into hydrogen atoms
StatementTrue or False
Lunar eclipses occur every month because there is a new moon every month
If you viewed stars from the Moon, they would not appear to twinkle
All planets have a period of light and dark (day and night)
Eclipses happen when one of the planets or moons or our solar system passes into the shadow of another celestial body
When solar eclipses occur, they are visible by any one on the lit side of the planet
Most galaxies are isolated out in space

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