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Just got a new dog in 2010, named after her boyfriend, called ____.
Has a grandmother who she calls '_____.'
Has ____ Eyes.
Famous former boyfriend was ____ _____.
Is on a show called _____ _____.
Wrote a book called _____ ___ _____.
Had to cancel her first ever show due to her sickness, ____ _____.
First song of hers to peak #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Has a new Aussie boyfriend named ____ _______.
Received negative remarks by her cover on _____ ____ in April 2008.
Finish the line: I can almost see it, ____ ____ ____ ______. There's a voice inside my head.....
Father is ____ ____ ____.
Favorite food is _______________.
Joined ______ , a popular social networking site, in March 2009 but then quit it it, making a youtube rap song to explain why.
Got the part of Hannah Montana when she was ______ years old.
Had her 16th birthday party at _______, shutting down the whole park for the day.
Was on a tour in 2007-2008 with the _____ ______.
Birth name was _____ _____ _____.
Was on a tour in 2009 called ______ ______ Tour.
Had a 'pole dancing incident' at the popular ____ _____ _____ show.
Legally changed her name in January 2008 to ____ __ ____.
Birthday is ___ ___ ___.
Favorite color is ______________.
Filmed a movie in the summer of 2009 called ____ ____ ____.
Was born in ______ ______.

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