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Main heroine's loyal assistant
Subject 1 majored in by strikers in college
'Friend' of Successful Steel Co. Owner
Organization for which Steel Owner's brother raised money
Steel Company owner's brother
Name of Motor Company that failed
Successful Steel Company owner
Congressman who died in tunnel
Name of author's philosophy
Motor company heir first name
Town which motor company was located
Nickname for young bureaucrat at Steel Company
State where secret government project was demonstrated
Former Motor company employee that told story of motor company downfall
Name of The Head of State
Radio talk show host
Subject 2 majored in by strikers in college
Wife of Railroad President (Maiden name)
Motor company heir first name
Motor company heir first name
Vacation month of the strikers
First railroad company/line to disappear
Head of Associated Steel
Heroine's brother
Steel Company owner's secretary

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