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'I wanna be somebody else'
'So if you see me coming down the street...'
'I can be so mean when I wanna be'
'I'm like a rabbit on the run'
'But the ice should be on our heads'
'People always fallin' in and out of love'
'I won't spill the milk at dinner'
'I could fit your whole house in my swimming pool'
'That last kiss / I'll cherish'
'You can push me out the window'
'Meetin' at 11 in the hotel lobby'
'Building a bed out of a cardboard box'
'You called me sugar'
'You called me beautiful'
'I thought it would be fun'
'My rent's past due and now my car won't start'
'Stop looking over my shoulder baby'
'Open your mouth and stick out your tongue'
'I don't need no G to take care of me'
'Don't front, I felt it in every kiss'

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