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I saw you smiling in that photograph / and I remember how you used to laugh
I wanted to fly / So you gave me your wings
Just one more time I think I'll drive on home tonight
She puts on her make-up the same way she did yesterday
You took all there was to take / And left me with an empty plate
Some say I'm paranormal / So I just bend their spoon
I thought that we'd be different babe / Yeah, I thought that we would last
You looked my way and said 'You frustrate me'
Nothing has been as beautiful / As when I saw heaven's skies
I don't wanna waste another moment saying things we never meant to say
I write about the things I'll never know
Maybe this wind blowing in just came from the ocean
I tried to be like you / And I got swept away
I would want just one wish / To kiss your quiet mouth / And trace the steps with my fingertips
When I wake you're never there
And me and my guitar we strummed along / Oohh
Is this some kind of joke / Or is this God's twisted design
I don't know whose side I'm taking / But I'm not taking things too well
Cause why would I stop the fire that keeps me going on?
I don't mind saying / That part of me left with you
The last three years were just pretend
I used to get away with so much / Now I can't get away
I took your picture while you were sleeping
You'll be sorry / When you figure out that I was always / Everything that you needed
When you need someone to catch you when you fall / I'll be there through it all
You feel the water, but do you swim?
You got me like a loaded gun / Golden sun
You know that silence is loud when all you can hear is your heart
And I would never talk to her that way...
And the soap suds spread like a disease

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