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The Tailor/Sir Veto/Father of the Homestead Act
His Fraudulency/Old 8 to 7
The Last of the Crooked Hats
The Professor/The Phrasemaker
American Ceasar/The Galena Tanner
His Roundity/The Atlas of Independence/Bonny Johnny
Old Rough and Ready
The Canal Boy/The Preacher President
The Comeback Kid
Father of His Country/The Sage of Mount Vernon
Handsome (first name)/Purse
Father of the Constitution/Little Johnny/Sage of Montpelier
The Rough Rider/The Cowboy/Rough and Ready
General Ike/Kanasas Cyclone/Duckpin
Liberator of Cuba/The Idol of Ohio/Wobbly Willie
The Great Emancipator/Honest Abe/The Rail Splitter
Give'em Hell (first name)/Haberdasher (first name)
The Peanut Farmer
Old Buck/The Do-Nothing President
Old Man Eloquent/Publicola
Old Hickory/The Old Hero
Old Tippecanoe/The Cincinnatus of the West/Old Granny
No Drama (last name)
The Accidental President/The Wool Carder President
His Accidency/Young Hickory
Chief/Grand Old Man
Jerry/Accidental President
The Great Communicator/Dutch
Tricky Dick/Richard the Chicken-Hearted
Napoleon of the Stump/(first name) the Purposeful
Young Tippecanoe/The Centennial President
The Red Fox of Kinderhook/O.K./The Little Magician/Little Van
Silent Cal
The Pen of the Revolution/Apostle of the Constitution

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