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Ain't kill myself yet, and I already want my life back
I'm a fu*king walk in paradox
I'm tall, dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuc*, drunk white girls the only way I'll get my dick sucked
Got all the black bit*hes mad cause my main bit*h vanilla
I hate gays, gangbangers and fu*king jerkers, unless it's gay gangbangers that's fu*king jerkers
Free Earl, that's the fu*king sh*t, and if you disagree, suck a couple pimple-covered dicks
The devil doesn't wear Prada, I'm clearly in a fu*king white tee
Somebody tell Satan that I want my fuc*in' swag back
Kill people, burn sh*t, fu*k school
I don't smoke weed, but I'm on a cloud high enough to give me a nose bleed

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