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4 Levels that start with 'S' in alphabetical order
Heretic is a remake of Halo 2's_________
Blackout is closely resembled to Halo 2's _________
What level consists of a laser, sniper and 2 maulers and a sword
Name all 3 legenary maps in alphabetical order
Name all 6 mythic maps in alphabetical order
What 2 levels has various forged altered versions in matchmaking in alphabetical order
What is the medal for 30 kills in a row without dying?
What Original Ranked Playlist consisted of 5 rounds INCLUDING 5 kills per round
What social playlist consists of 4 teams of 2 players?
What are the 3 MOST COMMON equipment that are used in matchmaking in alphabetical order
What level has a middle room usually called 'party room or middle room'
What is the new Team Objective called
What is Social Objective called
How many players are usually on a team in MOST playlists

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