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Irrealis- mood of probability indicating that, in the opinion of the speaker, the action or occurrence is considered likely.(formed by means of the auxiliaries may, can, ought and must)
Irrealis- used in dependent clauses to express a wish, emotion, possibility, judgment, opinion, necessity, or action that has not yet occurred'I suggested that Paul eat an apple'
Irrealis- expresses hopes, wishes or commands'that you might find what you're looking for'
Irrealis- expresses plea, insistence, imploring, self-encouragement, wish, desire, intent, command, purpose or consequencen/a
Irrealis- used for asking questionsn/a
Irrealis- expresses direct commands, requests, and prohibitions'Paul, do your homework now'
Realis- used for factual statements and positive beliefs'Paul is eating an apple'
Irrealis- used to speak of an event whose realization is dependent upon another condition'John would eat if he were hungry'
Realis- used to generalize about a particular class of things'Rabbits are fast'

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