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Cause of deathWho DiedWhen did it happen?
Blown up by The JokerBatman #428 (1988)
Shot through the head by Maxwell LordCountdown To Infinite Crisis (2005)
Torn apart by the SentryNew Avengers #2 (2004)
Killed by sniper's bulletCaptain America #25 (2007)
Dies of lung cancer outside Nanda Parbat52 # 38 (2007)
Injected with Legacy Virus cureUncanny X-Men #390 (2001)
Killed in rockslide caused by own powersNew Teen Titans Annual #3 (1984)
Beheaded by WolverineWolverine #55 (2007)
Thrown from a bridge by the Green GoblinAmazing Spider-Man #121 (1973)
Died fighting DoomsdaySuperman #75 (1992)
Body destroyed by Radion poisoningFinal Crisis #7 (2009)

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