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Can you name the key concepts of Hinduism?

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Oldest religion in the world
The country of origin
Holiest river
Those who brought their ideas to northern India
Main symbol for Hinduism
Major Sacred Text
Language of sacred text
Major Sacred text tells of
Sacred animal
Hindus believe their religion is...
Most Hindus do not eat
A person's caste is determined by...
The lowest caste
Reincarnation is called this
Place of everlasting happiness; much like heaven in other religions...
A set of rules that must be followed by each living thing if it desires to be promoted during reincarnation...
A person's actions in this life that determines their future life...
Major god--known as the preserver
Major god--known as the creator
Major god--known as the destroyer
Elephant headed god
Goddess of household; wife of Shiva

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