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Lucky guess. I just lost a buck, ____ ____ !
YOU BOYS LIKE ______ !
Oh hell! Give me the goddamn ____ !
(singing) in the name of justice, John Q Public can ____ ____ .
What size are these cells, 8 by 8? Ours are 9 by 9 ____ ____ ____.
Stop calling me ____, unit 91!
It might have been my sixth, or even my ____ ____.
Quotemissing word(s)
I'll believe that when me sh*t turns purple and ____ ____ ____ ____.
How's it going Denim Dan? You look like the president, chairman, and CEO of Levi Straus. Hey where'd you get the ____ ____?
I don't want a ____ ____! I want a goddamn liter o' cola!
Oh, sh*t I got you ____ ____ ____!
What are you going to do with ten million dollars, and you can't say buy the ____ ____.
Did I miss the song? Sing it again ____ ____!
Hey, let's pop a couple Viagra and issue tickets with raging, ____-____ ____!

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