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English termAmerican term
bonnet (car related)
caravan (car related)
lorry (car related)
tram (car related)
windscreen (car related)
boot (car related)
washing-up liquid (household item)
tea towel (household item)
washing-up powder (household item)
jumper (clothing item)
waistcoat (clothing item)
braces (clothing item)
zip (clothing item)
vest (clothing item)
pumps (clothing related)
anorak (clothing item)
press stud (clothing item)
dungarees (clothing item)
overalls/boiler suit (clothing item)
pants/knickers (clothing item)
trousers (clothing item)
swimming costume (clothing item)
copper (type of person)
English termAmerican term
solicitor or barrister (type of person)
chemist (type of person)
bloke (type of person)
bird (type of person)
minced meat (food)
icing sugar (food)
crisps (food)
chips (food)
tomato sauce (food)
pop (food)
pavement (place)
underground (place)
chemist (place)
bicarbonate of soda (food)
car boot sale (shopping related)
trolley (shopping related)
flat (housing)
bedsit (housing)
water closet/W.C. (housing)
fringe (body related)
bum/bottom (body related)
spanner (tool)

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